Welcome to the Texas Department of Public Safety!

A message from the Commisioner

"The Texas Department Of Public Safety was founded on the sole purpose of helping others and giving back to the community. It is our goal to provide each and every citizen of TExas with the utmost service; each DPS employee is dedicated to ensuring you get home safely, that quality services are provided to you when you need it, and that you feel safe and secure as you travel throughout our great state. The Texas Department Of Public Safetyis proud to serve all our residents and visitors throughout the state, and we strive daily to provide each of you the highest level of service and security." - Commissioner Martin C. 


he TXDPS prides itself in honesty as a state law enforcement agency, and is constantly committed to the citizens of San Andreas. Our goal is to create a unprecedented level of transparency between the agency and the citizens of our state.


Our main goal is to be servants under the law and provide a the greatest level of safety, security, and service to our community.


The TXDPS is committed to holding our officers to the highest standards possible, and strive to prove ourselves through these standards in action.


Whether in a supervisory position or not, the Highway Patrol encourages and promotes the highest level of individual and team leadership possible. It is our belief that a department can not be truly successful without a strong sense of team involvement.

Join The Team!

The TXDPS is one of the largest, most highly regarded law enforcement agencies in the state. The TXDPS offeres exceptional careers in may areas of law enforcement for men and women from all backgrounds. The State of Texas is an "Equal Employment Opportunity Employer." If you are looking for a career, not just a job, the DPS Highway Patrol is the place for you.